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Artwork & Jewelry made from recycled copper & metal.  

Using traditional darkroom methods, I print b/w images onto copper & metal plates.  I then layer these images with recycled materials to create a 2D sculpture.

As I produced more artwork, I kept having lots of small scrap metals.  With these smaller pieces I designed a line of unique recycled jewelry.  I use almost anything I can find to create my pieces.  That is why each piece is one of a kind.  I get most of my materials from the metal bins at the recycle facility in Missoula.  I use wire, pipe, and old copper pieces in my jewelry.  I even “harvest” pieces from old electronic components.

All of the patena copper is done by hand.  I have several “recipes” I use to create different variations of aged and rusted copper.  As much fun as it is to create each piece of jewelry, I equally enjoy being the mad scientist that ages and stains my copper.


Pick Box of Jewelry

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Pick Box of Jewelry

IMG_0388 12.26.05 PM.jpg
IMG_0388 12.26.05 PM.jpg

Pick Box of Jewelry


This is a pick box of one-of-a-kind pieces that I have created.  I will send you the box which will include 10 earrings, 10 cuffs and 10 necklaces.  Earrings & necklaces are $21, cuffs are $23.  You choose which pieces you want, then send the remaining pieces back. Include  a check for the items you choose.

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