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Artwork & Jewelry made from recycled copper & metal.  

Using traditional darkroom methods, I print b/w images onto copper & metal plates.  I then layer these images with recycled materials to create a 2D sculpture.

As I produced more artwork, I kept having lots of small scrap metals.  With these smaller pieces I designed a line of unique recycled jewelry.  I use almost anything I can find to create my pieces.  That is why each piece is one of a kind.  I get most of my materials from the metal bins at the recycle facility in Missoula.  I use wire, pipe, and old copper pieces in my jewelry.  I even “harvest” pieces from old electronic components.

All of the patena copper is done by hand.  I have several “recipes” I use to create different variations of aged and rusted copper.  As much fun as it is to create each piece of jewelry, I equally enjoy being the mad scientist that ages and stains my copper.


"Majestic Mountain"

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"Majestic Mountain"


"Majestic Mountain"


This piece is made from all recycled materials. The top layers are rusted metal. The bottom blue is the background metal that has been coated with resin and blue oil paint. The top blue piece is burnt metal the is bluish. Lastly the background is ground metal. Each layer floats off of each layer behind it. The size is 14” tall x 22” wide.

I can custom make this piece to any size.

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